Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Prism is pleased to announce, Nature is Fate, a new exhibition of photographs by

Manya Fox
Ryan Furbush
Krysta Jabczenski
Kyle Johnson
Rachael Lang
Joel Leshefka
Charlie Schuck
Robin Stein

This also serves as the official GRAND OPENING of our space.  Please join us for some wine and other light refreshments, we very excited to share the new space with you, and celebrate the work of eight of our favorite artists.

Artist Bios:

Manya Fox Manya Fox is a Brooklyn based artist. She has been photographing subtle complications in the American landscape since she was 15. She received her BA in photography from Bard College in 2005 and her MFA in photography from UCLA in 2008. She has been in group shows in New York, California, Washington and New Mexico. She continues to focus on issues surrounding the American experience. 

Ryan Furbush J.R. Furbush is a California boy photographing around Seattle, Wa for the last three years.  His work presents his friends and travels viewed through hazy light and muted colors smeared across the frame.  Using 35mm color film with multiple exposures and hand manipulated lens filters give a dreamlike quality to otherwise simple imagery of people exploring nature or just passing time in cramped apartments.

Krysta Jabczenski  Based in the high desert of Arizona, Krysta Jabczenski is currently drawn to the subtleties of our environment, and the fine line between what our minds consume, or choose to ignore in both natural and built landscapes.  Krysta graduated in 2008 from Brooks School of Photography in Santa Barbara, has shown in California and Arizona, and is excited to be showing in the Pacific Northwest for the first time ever.

Kyle Johnson Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Kyle Johnson creates images that are intriguing and classically executed. Whether it's portrait or travel work, Kyle's aesthetic pairs textured natural settings with a distinct photographic perspective. 

Rachael Lang Rachael Lang is a Seattle based visual artist. Born in Massachusetts, she traveled out west to study fine art and photography at a small liberal arts college. Since graduating she has exhibiting her work in a number of galleries and spaces. Starting from a mainly photographic background, her work now incorporates video, mixed media, and installation. 

Joel Leshefka Joel Leshefka splits his time between worlds, travelling back and forth between the high deserts of Arizona, and the dank, homey hills of the Pacific Northwest.  He finds greatest inspiration in the middle grounds, the open highways, and oddities of the rural Western United States.

Charlie Schuck Northwest born Charlie Schuck has been working in Photography and Film for over a decade.   In addition to his visual career Charlie runs a design store called "Object"  and is editor and publisher of Day Night Magazine. 

Robin Stein Robin Stein is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA.  Primarily working with photography, moving images and sound, his work is rooted in an inquisitive and adventurous exploration of geography, history, and human interactions with the built and natural landscape.  His photography, installations and music have been recognized and exhibited widely, having been shown in venues in New York, Chicago, Mexico City, Seattle, and Portland.

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